Advice 1: How to understand why visible veins

Varicose veins, or varicose veins is pathological changes that are accompanied by the formation oslablennykh coils or convolutions, the increase in length, the saccular extension. This often leads to disruption of blood flow and failure of the valves. To understand why visible veins on the body, is to look at the symptoms and possible consequences of this disease.
How to understand why visible veins


One of the most common problems of blood vessels is considered to be varicose veins. You must know that veins are the blood vessels, driving the blood directly from the body tissues to the heart. On the other hand, the arteries move the blood from the heart to the body. Veins, unlike arteries, have a small amount of muscle tissue. To prevent reverse blood flow, they have provided a number of one-way valves. This allows blood to flow in a single direction, towards the heart.

It should be noted that the valves in the veins the blood is forced to move up to the heart, not allowing it to gather in one place. Varicose often the valves are lacking or damaged. This fact leads to the fact that the veins are filled with blood.

Often varicose veins are formed on the feet. You can often see how the person they like stick out. This condition occurs more often in women than in men. Developing varicose veins in the ages of 30 and 60 years. During this period, special attention should be given to the care of the feet. The development of varicose is slow, but then progresses rapidly.

Causes of varicose veins

With age, the weakened walls of the veins can lose their elasticity. This phenomenon could eventually lead to their expansion.

The causes of varicose veins can be attributed to the failure of the valve. Often, the stretching of the veins valves are damaged. If the walls of the veins are stretched and weakened valves are maximally moved apart and no longer able to keep blood. As a result, it becomes stagnant.

Damage to the veins is also a common cause of varicose. This can happen as a result of inflammation, blood clots or because of injury.

The factors that can contribute to the development of varicose, include:

- chronic constipation;
- inflammation or injury to the veins;
- cardiovascular problems;
- pregnancy;
- excess weight;
- hormonal problems;
-genetic predisposition.

Also important are the lifestyle factors. To big risk of development of varicose veins are people who for quite a long time have the work-up. This, for example, teachers, flight attendants, shop assistants, nurses etc.

When first visible symptoms of varicose veins should consult a qualified professional. Doctor examining the development of the disease, prescribe the appropriate course of treatment and necessary treatment.

Advice 2 : What if the veins in the legs become too noticeable?

If veins become more prominent than before – is a serious cause for concern. After all, swollen or darkened veins are not only cosmetic defect, but also a possible sign of such severe diseases as varicose veins. What to do if veins become visible?
What if the veins in the legs become too noticeable?


What if the highly visible veins on the legs?

If veins in the legs become very noticeable in the first place, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get tested. It is possible that the specialist will prescribe the following procedures:

- external examination conducted by a vascular surgeon;

- Ultrasound (duplex scanning);

- check the degree of tone of the veins of the lower extremities.

If at external examination will not reveal a structural pathologic changes and hemodynamic disturbances of blood flow and intravascular education will not take place, it means that swollen veins in the legs – it's not varicose veins. Rather, it is the General venous insufficiency, which is fairly easily eliminated with a properly selected treatment. Usually when venous insufficiency the doctor prescribes venotonic in the form of ointments and tablets, also in this pathology can be shown wearing compression underwear that has a low degree of compression.

It so happens that the veins in the legs too noticeable only because of the overly thin skin on the feet. To correct the situation will help a natural tan or use bronzer. Also helps to hide this cosmetic defect ointment-based extract of chestnut, which, moreover, effectively strengthens the walls of veins.

What if the veins in the legs are visible because of varicose veins?

Methods used to combat swollen veins, are directly dependent on the degree of development of the disease. If varicose veins are already running, you can't do without wearing special compression underwear and receiving anticoagulation drugs. If the disease is at an early stage, then allow the vein in order, in addition to the prescribed treatment will help the observance of a few simple rules:

- to put in order your weight, because excess pounds only contribute to the active development of varicose veins;

- try to get rid of bad habits;

to diversify your diet to include meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals;

- to unsubscribe from wearing high heel shoes;

- maintain good physical form, for example, do Cycling;

- regularly use of ointment with vein toning effect;

- wear prevention special compression underwear;

- try less to be in a standing position.

Remember that when running the varicose veins may require laser surgery or even surgery, so, if veins darkened or swollen, do not delay visit to the doctor.

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