Painful periods are a real problem for women

After reaching a certain age girls for decades, regularly faced with this physiological phenomenon as the month. Unfortunately, not always they are easy.

Often this period (in whole or only in the early days) accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. Sometimes these feelings are bearable and pass quickly, but what if they only increase and significantly interfere with normal life? In the case when such States are repeated regularly, or the duration exceeds 3 days, be sure to consult a doctor to eliminate the possibility of any diseases.
Dangerous symptoms of painful menstruation are nausea, diarrhea, excessive bleeding, and the presence in the secretions of a large number of clots.

In other cases, as emergency help you can use painkillers, of which there are today a great many. Consider some of them.

Means to relieve pain when menstruation

Perhaps one of the most popular drugs for the treatment of pain during menses is "Ketorol". Small pills green endowed with anti-inflammatory action. Are a strong analgesic, it is not recommended to take them often without expert advice. Ketorol prescribed only for severe pain when other means do not apply. In addition, the drug should not be used for teenagers up to 16 years.

"Naiz" – another faithful assistant, designed to obezbolivatmi period. It has a more gentle effect than "Ketorol".
If the month you are painful, take a pain reliever remedy for the first symptoms, without waiting for their reinforcement. Sometimes it helps to completely eliminate discomfort.

Good action has a welcome "shpy" or its Belarusian counterpart - "Drotaverine". These drugs – antispasmodics, and analgesics not. That is, they are intended to resolve the cause of the pain – spasm, and not its consequence – discomfort.

Practice has shown that many girls are saved "Spasmalgon" (also antispasmodic). But it is usually effective only in mild discomfort.

Some lucky assists and a simple "Analgin", adopted shortly before the critical days.

Birth control pills. Oddly enough, but hormonal contraceptives also able to relieve the pain associated with menstruation. Of course, this is not a one-time admission and on a regular. Choice of the drug should be exclusively on the recommendation of your gynecologist.

Among the recipes of traditional medicine, you can also find several ways to facilitate the flow of critical days. Thus, with unobtrusive pain not requiring rapid intervention, can help collection of lemon balm leaves and chamomile flowers. A tablespoon mixed in equal proportions of the ingredients you need to brew a Cup of boiling water and leave for half an hour. Then strain and consume the beverage in small portions before eating during the day. To start the course before the start of menstruation.

Whichever method you choose to anesthetize their critical days, remember that every person is unique, and that always helps one another may be entirely inappropriate. And in any case do not forget to consult your doctor so as not to cause harm to your body.