The symptoms of chronic gastritis in adults

As this disease has more to do with errors in the diet, then the symptoms begin to manifest immediately after a meal. The patient feels heaviness in the pancreas, he begins to feel sick, sometimes vomit. Frequent belching is a common symptom of gastritis.

But at what stage is the disease, you can find out during the diagnostic tests that are assigned by the attending physician:

1) Research using x-ray machine.

2) Gastroscopy with biopsy of the gastric mucosa.

This will help to determine the presence gistaminolitiki ahilii and to understand how progressive atrophy. But running disease person will be able to diagnose and independently according to the following criteria: frequent diarrhea, indigestion, anaemia and dramatic weight loss.

How to cure chronic gastritis

Self-treatment of chronic gastritis is not recommended because it may worsen the situation rather than neglected disease, the harder it will be to cope. If there are symptoms of pain or heaviness in the stomach, they can be blunt with antispasmodics.

If the gastric secretion is lowered, the doctor will prescribe hydrochloric acid and the preparations of gastric juice. The patient will have some time to focus on vegetables and lean meat broths.

But even in the initial stages of gastritis, you must rebuild your diet going on mechanically sparing meal. Necessarily need to eliminate from your diet canned and spicy foods, meats and alcoholic beverages.

To quickly cure chronic gastritis, do not forget nutrition – the patient's stomach will have to feed hourly. The amount of food should be small, so she had time to digest, in addition, it is recommended to do several small meals a day.

Treatment of chronic gastritis folk ways

To work body will help nature. But the recipes of our grandmothers should not be used as an alternative basic treatment, but only with him.

• When the advanced form of the disease, we recommend the following herbal collection: baskets of chamomile, sage leaves and peppermint herb wormwood and yarrow (all in equal parts). Cup boiling water brew 2 tsp. of the mixture, and then filtered. Should take in a hot (but not hot) for half an hour before meals morning and evening for half a glass.

• To adjust the activity of the stomach can be herbal harvest: licorice root (3 parts), anise seeds and mustard, buckthorn bark (2 parts) and yarrow (1 part). The application of therapeutic tea is the same as in the previous recipe, only part of the pre-pokipyatit for 10 minutes.

• With strong stomach cramps will help tea of chamomile and yarrow, taken in equal proportions. Drink it throughout the day, taking half a Cup if you have pain.