What are probiotics

Probiotics improve the efficiency of the human immune system, produce substances that prevent infectious diseases. They slow down the growth of pathogenic microflora, strengthen the mucoid layer in the intestines is a barrier against infections. Probiotics destroy the toxins pathogenic bacteria produce is essential for the metabolism of the b vitamins. According to reviews, they prevent anaemia developing when the lack of vitamins B6 and B12 help to support a healthy nervous system and skin.

The range of products containing probiotics is wide enough, you can find money in different price categories. For the production of such preparations are mainly used five species and two strains of bifidobacteria, eight species and five strains of lactobacilli, enterococci, Streptococcus and Streptomyces. All of them are safe and useful for the human body.
Currently, Escherichia coli (colibacterin, bificol) in the production of probiotics.

Which probiotic to choose

To choose the right probiotic, it is necessary to consider the following. The microorganisms which they contain, must be safe for humans, non-pathogenic and alive. The tool should consist of acid-resistant strains, or have an acid resistant capsule. Studies have proven that acid-resistant strains, having protective capsule, survive only by 20-40%. With the application of probiotics in capsules the survival of the strains is 99% ("Bifiform", "Linex"). Bacteria must have a high ability of adhesion (fixing) in the intestine and to colonize.

Making the choice between the lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, should know that bifidoflora a few mounts, and lactobacilli have a small laxative effect. Vitamin C can neutralize toxins diarrhea caused by infection, infection, they reduce inflammation enteritis and colitis, normalizes stools after taking antibiotics. Bifidobacteria enhance the immune system, they help children of the first year of life. Ideally, a probiotic should contain bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.
Any kind of diarrhoea effective Saccharomyces.

To cure goiter, need to choose products in which the number of microbial bodies contains below 10*7 per ml or gram. The child is 2-3 years old you can give powdered and liquid medicines because baby stomach has a neutral environment. When dysbacteriosis any degree is better to choose a probiotic that contains bifidobacteria ("Bifiform", "Bifidumbacterin Forte", "Probifor"). Monocomponent preparations ("Lactobacterin", "Bifidumbacterin", "Acipol") used for the prevention of intestinal infections and mild dysbiosis. Lactacidemia probiotics ("Atsilakt", "Calm", "Lactobacterin") are suitable for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the stomach and duodenum.