You will need
  • - probiotics;
  • - prebiotics;
  • - immunomodulators;
  • - means of intimate hygiene with lactic acid.
Take probiotics. This means that contains bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, necessary for normal functioning of the body. They help boost the human immune system, which reduces the likelihood of diseases. Probiotics are recommended to take not only during recovery after illness, but also as a preventive measure. Not to be confused with dairy products sold in the shop, with medical. The latter are produced in special laboratories and contain a very large number of live bacteria. Kefir and yogurt are subjected to a heat treatment in which a large part of the lactic acid bacteria are killed.
Include in your daily diet prebiotics - indigestible food ingredients . They are a useful food for the Lactobacillus, and therefore stimulate their growth. They are contained in many foods. For example, cabbage, onions, peas, artichoke, bran, chicory, garlic, bananas and others. In addition, you can buy them in the form of dietary Supplements.
Eat young cheese (Suluguni, Adyghe), yogurt (with a short shelf life), soy and vegetable products.
Take immunomodulators. The decrease in the number of lactobacilli in the first place due to the weakening of the protective mechanisms of the body. Causing begins the rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, without the correction of immunity is not necessary.
Observe the intimate hygiene. To do this, clean the vulva with products containing lactic acid or baby soap. Change your sanitary pads and underwear, which should be made of natural fabrics.
Track your daily bowel movement. Studies have shown that this process is directly linked to the number of lactobacilli. With timely defecation observed their growth in the body.