Advice 1: How to build a freezer

To save harvested in the autumn harvest, are required to equip the appropriate store. As a place to host the winter vegetables, jam, pickles, you can use an ordinary cellar, but it's better to get homemade freezer or icebox. Such a structure will help to ensure the safety of preparations, including fish and meat products. Action freezer based on the accumulation of cold in the winter season and the lowest temperature in the rest of the year.
How to build a freezer
You will need
  • metal pipes and angles;
  • - wooden blocks and boards;
  • tools for working with wood and metal;
  • - welding machine;
  • - slag;
  • - foam;
  • - concrete;
  • - kerosene.
Choose a place for construction of the freezer. It is best to equip it in the yard or garden. Provide direct entrance to the store or make a hole under floors of outbuildings. The size of the freezer select based on the needs in food storage. If your garden land is small, it makes no sense to have a massive storage industrial scale.
Basis camera will be a recess dug in the ground. Make a hole of such size that it was two feet deeper than the future of the camera and a meter larger in width and length. If you are planning to organize in the freezer dirt floor, to increase the depth required.
Now move on to production design for the refrigeration substance, which will be kerosene. From metal pipes with a diameter of 90-110 mm manufacture capacity in the form of a frame. The size and shape of the frame will determine the size of the bottom of the camera. The pipe design should be placed at a distance of 100-200 mm from the walls of the pit. In the middle of the design weld the two riser tubes of the same diameter. The height of these vertical pipes shall be such that after sealing the chamber with soil, the pipe ends protrude above the surface at 250-300 mm.
Around the perimeter of the excavated pit pitch of the formwork boards that fit the camera. Fill the formwork with concrete mortar, making the wall thickness equal to about 400-500 mm., These walls will provide good preservation of low temperature in storage.
Fabricate a door unit. The design of the doors is determined primarily by the location of the entrance to the freezer. If there is an entrance from the top, make the door of the hatch with a double lid, arranged between the two parts of the cover insulation foam. The chamber roof insulated and covered with slag.
Made of tube capacity pour the kerosene. On the upper ends of vertically standing tubes slip covers from a dense material (like foam). In winter, these covers should be removed. This freezer will allow you effortlessly to provide storage of a variety of food products, protecting them from damage.

Advice 2: How to build a cellar right

To collect a great harvest in the fall is only half the battle. To agricultural success to fix, need this harvest to save. There's no way to do without cellarand. Is it difficult to create that utility utility structure with your own hands?
How to build a cellar right
The construction of cellars should start with choosing a location. It is best for this purpose suitable dry elevated area. Selected area with mark making on the ground the size of the cellar on its outer walls. If the area there is vegetation, it must be removed. It is better to choose to build a cellar dry season when there is no rain.
The planned circuit is the boundary for excavation. From the contour lines in the outer direction of choose the soil, tossing it to the side, away from the place of the future cellar. Crumbling soil could complicate the work, in this case you will need to build a sustaining wall.
Dimensions of the pit should be done according to the size exceeding the planned size of the cellar about a meter. This will facilitate subsequent work on the plastering and waterproofing.
Choosing the soil to form the bottom of a future cellar and his walls. On the basis put of the wall of the cellar. The ground under the future walls make very clear, without fill soil.
The walls of the cellar are made of bricks or stones, interlocking them with a solution. You can also arrange for the formwork, the Bay it concrete. Allow sufficient space under the stairs and shelves and place for hanging electrical equipment and lighting.
Pay special attention to unit floor. To do this, the bottom of the pit carefully align and condense the rammer, and then apply it consistently several layers of clay. The topmost layer is made of concrete, its thickness should be not less than 50 mm.
If the wall you have decided to make from wood, pre-stock up on boards. At the corners of the pit kopite posts, pre-treated with a waterproof mastic. To posts fasten from the inside layer of boards. Then obtyanite walls with roofing felt or plastic, and the empty space between the boards and the external walls of the trench cover with soil. Much more impressive will look of the wall in a frame, but the device may become more time-consuming task.
The ceiling is made from thick bars or logs. Such beams are placed on the Board. Can provide a manhole and pipes for ventilation of the cellar. Luke, it is preferable to make a square shape. Overlap insulated by a layer of slag or ground. The hatch trim insulating material.
For ventilation will fit two tubes; the best fit pipes made of plastic, the cross section of 10-15 cm to Position the tubes should be in different parts of the cellar.
The internal structure of the cellar comprises a variety of shelves for food storage. You should allow space between the shelves, it is necessary for air access.
The upper part of the cellar will be above the surface of the earth and will protect the lower part from cooling in winter and overheating in summer. In this part of the cellar is convenient to store the containers, the remaining products used for storage.
Competently arranged and well-prepared cellar will provide long-term storage of various products.
Useful advice
Additional source:
The magazine "DIY", "Build your cellar", J. V. Proskurin, November 1989.

Advice 3: How to choose a freezer for home

Freezer for home allows you to store most foods without loss of their useful properties and qualities. However, in order to instrument beneficial, you need to intelligently approach buying it. So how to choose a freezer for your home?
How to choose a freezer for home

To choose the right freezer for your home, you must know the principal of this technique, their properties and differences. Strictly speaking, it can be divided into two types:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

The first freezer. He looks like a normal fridge. Inside the equipment also is similar to this invention: the camera consists of several compartments, each of which is located the container for food storage. A definite plus of this type of freezer for home is to save space. Household freezer can be placed even in a small apartment, for example, on the balcony or in the closet.

Морозильный шкаф для дома

The second type of camera is called a chest freezer. It is a device that has only one General division and the lid, which is placed on top. Freezer gel is not intended for the home and are more suitable for shops, restaurants and other establishments. This is because most of them have impressive dimensions. However, there is now a different kind of chest – freezer Cabinet for the home. It has a small size and fits easily on the same balcony or corridor. The capacity of this equipment is much lower than that in the freezer.

Морозильный ларь для дома

How to choose a freezer for home tips

Not to be mistaken in choosing a freezer, you must consider a number of factors. Besides a place where there will be appliances, you should consider such factors as:

  • type of defrost;
  • the degree of freezing;
  • cold preservation without food;
  • the type of control.

The first thing you should pay attention when choosing a freezer for your home, is the type of defrost. There are two: manual and automatic. The first type assumes that one or two times a year the owner will have to disconnect equipment from power supply, remove all food, wait for the defrost unit and clean it. The advantage of such a camera can be considered only the availability and lower cost. The second type is called No frost. This type of household deep-freezers does not allow to form frost and large clusters of ice. Thanks to the owner of the camera will avoid all procedures that were listed above. However, he will have to spend time looking for such equipment, and to give a large amount of money.

The degree of freezing is the second selection criterion of the freezer. It defines the temperature that will be maintained in the art. The degree of freezing is indicated by the asterisks. The more, the less will be the indicator of the thermometer.

If the power outage is not uncommon, it is recommended to purchase a camera with the function of maintaining the cold without food. To maintain the temperature provide the container with a special liquid.

If we talk about the type of control, we distinguish mechanical and electronic. The latter is more accurate. It allows you to set different modes, records, teams, etc. However, such freezers for the home is much more expensive and break more often than the freezer with mechanical control.

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