There are 2 types of freezers, cabinets and chests. Freezer cabinets have vertical device and resemble refrigerators. Freezer racks horizontal, occupy not much space and can be placed on the balcony, they are more economical. Select camera type according to your preferences.
Class freezer determines its ability to store food in proper quality. On the door of the chamber, you notice an icon in the form of snowflakes – it indicates the maximum chamber temperature. The more snowflakes on the door, the longer it will store the products.
Auto defrost preferable than the manual. Camera with manual defrost will have to periodically disconnect from the network.
Choose a camera with economical mode of energy consumption – in freezers gradation is according to the Latin alphabet in descending order.
The most useful function superzamorozki and the presence of accumulators of a cold. Function superzamorozki will allow you to keep the vitamins and nutrients, to quickly freeze products. The second feature is designed for periods of temporary disconnection of electricity – batteries maintain the temperature of the chamber within 24 hours. Audio and visual signals, the remote control make the operation of the freezer convenient and comfortable.
If you have already bought a fridge and you are satisfied with his work, it makes sense to choose the freezing camera of the same manufacturer. This combination will look more organic – it is possible to combine both devices and place them together.