You will need
  • camera (room);
  • - insulation;
  • - the heating device;
  • - the fan.
Build a camera (or separate room) where the ceiling and one wall will be concrete, and the remaining walls were made of wood.
Insulate wooden walls. This should be done in several layers. The first layer is foam, then a layer of wooden boards that need to wrapped up in foil.
Install the heating element. It can be made in the form of batteries. Water in the battery serve from the stove where she heated up to 60-95 degrees. Provide constant circulation of the water in the batteries with the help of water pumps.
Set the camera fan, which will help to distribute the warm air throughout the room.
Consider the method of loading the drying chamber. One of the options for easy loading of wood is the rail truck.
To control the humidity and temperature of the room, use wet and dry thermometers in the working area. Inside the chamber you can make a few shelves to increase the working volume of the drying chamber.In the process of drying the wood do not allow the abrupt change in temperature in the working room. This can lead to warping wood or cracks. Drying chamber should be built in compliance with all fire safety requirements. Be sure to install in the immediate vicinity of the fire extinguishers in the required amount.