Handbag manufacturer-the fridge

For the manufacture of the bag-the refrigerator with your hands you will find the useful tote or gym bag. It is desirable to use those models that have cover with zipper. Remove or cut they have internal dividers or pockets.
As the basis for a homemade refrigerator you can even use a large plastic bucket.

At the hardware store to purchase polyethylene foam, covered with foil on one or both sides. The insulation material used during the repair, positioning it behind the pipes so that the heat reflected into the room. It is sold by the meter, so first remove the dimensions with the prepared bags.

Make pattern liner for bag on paper. You can use a piece of old Wallpaper or newspaper sheets. Measure the height of the walls of the bag, its length and width. Put these dimensions on paper. The pattern obtained in the form of a cross, where the Central square or a rectangle is the bottom of the bag. Separately cutting the lid. Try the resulting layout to the bag, if necessary, adjust the size. Now you know how much foil of polyethylene foam you need to purchase.

Assemble cut the liner for the bag. The foil should be inside the structure. All seams are doubly proclivity and accurately as possible with aluminum tape. Place it on the outside of liner and inside. Separately attach a cover made of polyethylene foam. It can be done, not cutting, once in the pattern, and then bend, but this heat insulator is badly bent. Easier to glue the lid separately.

Paste the design into the prepared bag. If there is a need to give additional rigidity to the bottom and the walls of the bag, use a thin foam, lay it between the fabric and the insert. Also a pier you can put pieces of batting or wadding for improved insulation.
Inside the bag put a big thick plastic bag into which you will load the products. If necessary it can be easily taken out and cleaned.

Use a homemade bag-refrigerator

Chilled or frozen food, wrap in newsprint before packing in a bag, so they last longer. When laying fresh fish, you can additionally lay it with fresh nettle to improve safety.

As refrigerant use plastic bags for ice or heating pads. Put their products in a bag in the fridge. The cold accumulators may be small plastic bottles. Fill containers with water with dissolved sodium chloride. The solution should be saturated. Lay the prepared container in the freezer, and as needed use for a portable fridge.