There are many different exchange programs. These include and educational programs. Participation in them can make pupils, students, postgraduates, school and University teachers, scholars and researchers. Every year America, where, by the way, the idea of having such programs, allocates from its budget of about $ 30 million. To go to Dreamland, about 3 thousand Russians a year.

How to get in USA

In order to get into one of the educational programs must undergo an interview, perform the test tasks, or win a grant. Important thing is to speak English and understand it. Training can last from several weeks to a year.
If you successfully pass the selection, you can pack your bags. The flights, usually paid by the receiving party. Please note that this trip is not tourism, but educational. Of course, in your free time you can see all the sights, visit different places, but the main activity will be the training.

You will live in the family. Before you go, get acquainted with the host people, communicate with them via the Internet. After all, you can live with for a long time. Don't be lazy, learn the traditions and customs of the Americans. While in the U.S. house, respect the rules of conduct adopted in the family, so as not to offend your new acquaintances.

Be prepared for the fact that you have to earn. The monthly allowance, the average size of which is about $ 150, you are unlikely to be enough. You can get a job as a waiter, tutor, nanny. For such work there is an hourly cash payment, which will be very useful for you.

How to go to the US to rest on exchange

But what if you don't want to learn anything, and just want to visit the country? Then you can help exchange holiday. This kind of travel every year is becoming increasingly popular. There are special sites where a resident of any country can Express their desire to relax on an exchange.

You may like to simply swap apartments or houses, and to visit each other. The second option is more interesting, as in a foreign country you will be under supervision. The person taking you will help you with the choice of entertainment, you will have someone to talk to. And always interesting to learn about the country from the mouth of natives. But do not forget that you'll also need to make one when he decides to visit your country.