You will need
  • Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop;
  • - Internet access
First, couchsurfing. This is a great opportunity not only to stay totally free of almost any corner of the world, but also to meet new people, find friends, learn something interesting, non-touristy about the place your trip.
Couchsurfing – this is the guest network. Such sites where you can register travelers and host many, you can find them yourself.
The essence of guest networks not only to open the travelers an opportunity search free of lodging or housing, but also to bring people together. You can not only travel, but also to receive guests at home, if there is such a possibility.
The second option of free housing for the traveler – the exchange houses. Look for people willing to share accommodation for vacation also need specialized services. Typically, registration in these projects are paid for, however, the amount is usually symbolic. The essence of the sharing sites homes already clear from the title.
The third option was house-sitting, Pets, plants, etc. That is, the owner of the apartment or house is ready to provide accommodation to travelers in exchange for such simple services as supervision, for example, for a cat. There are sites where owners place their offers. The most famous is Mindmyhouse.
The fourth way – the WWOOF project. The project brings together farmers willing to provide free accommodation to travelers in exchange for help around the house. It does not mean that you have to work on the farm all day. No, the work is usually a couple of hours a day, the rest of the time traveler is completely free.
The fifth option – University clubs. Many universities and colleges are there alumni Association. It is possible to apply to such Association with a request to take you to a certain amount of time. Well, in case you provide, what services are willing to provide in exchange for housing, for example, help with cleaning or cooking.
The sixth way is to work for housing. Many hostels and guest houses are ready completely free to provide housing for the traveler. But it will have some work to do in the same hostel.
The seventh option – the volunteer programme. Worldwide, there are an incredible variety of social and charity projects, ready to accept volunteers on certain conditions. Most often, volunteer pays own travel and visas to Russia, often – food. Usually, projects provide traveller accommodation in exchange for participation in the program.
The eighth technique voyage. On the Internet you can find sites, where the owners of boats and yachts place their ads on the search assistant. In exchange for services or supervision for the yacht owners are willing absolutely for free to take you on a journey, or to let to live on a boat if it is moored in the port and not going anywhere.
The ninth option, monasteries and guest houses at temples. They are often willing to take travelers for free, but you need to understand that you have to abide by the existing in the temple or the monastery of the regime. This does not mean that you will have to immerse themselves in religion, you will, at least, not to interfere with the monks and temple servants, be quiet, not to disturb the existing order.