The easiest way to get to America - buy a tour. Group tours are an average of $2500 per person and lasts about 10 days. You can also order a personal tour. The convenience of the tour is that visa will take care of your travel Agency. You only need to bring the required documents for visa:1. passport;
2. old passport (if any);
3. color matte photo 50x50 mm;
4. a certificate of employment on company letterhead, containing your name, position, average monthly income;
5. business card;
6. copies of marriage certificate and children's birth;
7. copies of pension certificates of parents, certificates of disability on the parents or other persons supported by you;
8. documents that demonstrate your well-being: a prospectus of the company where you work, credit card, certificates of real estate;
9. the questionnaire in simplified form (the forms are provided by travel agencies, their staff are filled on the basis of these questionnaires the questionnaire for a visa in the prescribed form).You might also need other documents depending on the case.
As a rule, the percentage of refusals to issue visas to the clients of travel agencies low.
In America you can go by yourself, for example to visit friends or relatives. In this case, the visa you have to get your own. All necessary information can be found on the website of the U.S. Embassy: Briefly, the algorithm to obtain a us visa following:1. fill in the application form DS-160 (CEAC);
2. payment of the consular fee of $131;
3. send completed application and confirmation of payment of consular fee of the delivery service Pony Express;
4. the interview at the Embassy and fingerprint scanning. For the interview, it is desirable to bring the documents mentioned above and also invitation from the person to whom you are going to America.Usually within 1-2 days after the interview a decision on the visa application. If the visa is not issued, you can apply again. The number of applications is not limited.
Those who wants to go to America for study or business trip, you must provide (in addition to the above documents) an invitation from the American side - the company or University, resume and list of publications (if you are a scientist). All documents must be in English. These documents will need to take with you to the interview.
Usually, applicants who seek to get into America in order to study or work, have to wait for the decision to issue a visa longer. This is because in such cases requires further administrative consideration. In this case, the documents need to send as early as possible, preferably 2 months prior to the trip.
Despite the rather complicated procedure of getting visa in USA, more and more of our citizens travels to this country. According to statistics, more than 90% of the citizens applying for a visa, get it.