You will need
  • portfolio;
  • - the passport;
  • - visa;
  • - cash;
  • - access to the Internet.
Shall describe those assets that you have at the moment. Understand that to get a job abroad, and especially in the US, not so simply, not having any skills or knowledge. The better you will have skills in a certain area, the faster you will interest American employers. An important aspect is knowledge of the English language. Sign up for courses or brush up on it yourself before drafting a resume. What is your level of language, the better paying job you can find.
Complete your visa and passport. It is worth mentioning that without these documents you will not be able to cross the U.S. border. So take care of this issue for several months prior to departure. Now passports are issued within 30 days. Visa – from several months to 1 year. You can do this either independently or through an employment Agency abroad. The second option is much easier. Just find the sites of such institutes in my city and tell me what you need. Then, complete all necessary application forms and wait for the call to the Embassy.
Create a detailed summary in English. For a U.S. employer it is very important to see where you studied and worked. Higher priority will experience in a particular activity. Write everything that you know and know what courses passed, where he worked under the contract and for hire, what interests you have and so Do small business letter in English which clearly specify the goal of getting a job and what can you offer for the working of the organization. Give the test summary and writing an experienced translator or linguist.
Search employers using the Internet. After creating a portfolio, start looking for sites of companies and firms in which you would like to implement my skills. Collect at least 200 organizations. The more they have, the more chances you will have for employment. Then collect all the email addresses and send to each of them scanned portfolio: a resume and a business letter. In any case do not do mass mailing, otherwise the letters will not reach the addressee. They will be marked as spam. Of this number of employers, some have to respond to your offer and will contact you.
Answer the questions that you asked during a telephone conversation. Try to be clear and consistent. If the employer is satisfied with the answers, you will be invited for an interview at the office of the company. After it wait for the decision of the managers of the organization.