Corns can be cured in a clinic or beauty salon. The specialist will select the appropriate procedure. This is usually the course of treatment of corns with liquid nitrogen, laser treatment or mechanical removal with a device resembling a dentist drill. However, to get rid of corns can be in the home.


In any pharmacy you can buy the remedy for corns. Most likely, the pharmacist will offer you several items to choose from. As a rule, the main component of a remedy for corns is salicylic acid. If you are offered cream or ointment, make sure that salicylic acid was not less than 10 percent. Other components of the remedy include vegetable oils (e.g., linseed or vegetable), castor oil, benzoic acid and glycerin.

It is important to remember that to process pharmacy product it only damaged skin. It is better to steam the foot in a warm bath with the addition of antibacterial agents (e.g., chamomile), and then sealed the area with a bandage, cut out a hole the size of the bunion. After that you should apply the cream or ointment and put a band-aid for 6-8 hours. Especially effective is this procedure, if done at night. In the morning, a bunion can be scraped off with the brush or pumice.

Well established the following medications for corns:
- the doctor Nemasole" (ingredients: lanolin, castor and vegetable oils, monostearate glycerin, sulfur, salicylic and glycolic acid);
ointment "Stop Corn" (composition: lactic acid, distilled water);
pasta protivopozharnaya "5 days" (composition: petrolatum, salicylic acid, lanolin);
- balsam Mountain celandine" for the correction of cosmetic skin defects (composition: extract of celandine, gentian, series, rhododendron, kakalia spear);
cream from calluses Foot Relax (composition: petrolot, salicylic acid, ethylhexyl stearate, evkaliptola, camphor, titanium dioxide).

Folk remedies

One of the most famous folk remedies treatment of the skin of the feet are soap-soda baths. To get rid of corns this way, you need to dissolve in one liter of warm water 1 tablespoon of Laundry soap pre-grated, 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda. Feet should be kept in such a bath for about half an hour, then scrape off the skin from the affected areas, rinse feet with clean water, wipe well and apply any fat cream.

If your corns cause you pain, you can do the bath with potassium permanganate and common salt. Potassium permanganate should not be added too much. It is sufficient to achieve a slightly pinkish color of the water. Of salt per liter of water will be enough 1 tablespoon. The duration of the procedure 5-10 minutes. Feet after a bath wipe is not necessary, they should dry naturally.

An effective remedy is hydrogen peroxide you can buy at any pharmacy. 2 tablespoons of peroxide should be diluted in a liter of warm water. To steam the feet in such a bath should be at least half an hour. Then you need to remove the corns with a pumice stone and apply a nourishing cream.