Installation and plugins

Download Adobe Audition you can on the official website of Adobe. As in many other products ("Photoshop", "Illustrator"), the developers provide a free 30-day trial period.

Plugins for Adobe Audition - party software for specialized tasks. For example, if you want to process a jingle for radio, or create a sound track for a cartoon, you can find ready-made solution that will help you edit audio files. A large number of plugins you can find on the popular professional online

Create a test file

Open the "File" menu, select "Create new" (New file). Opens a blank audio track. In the menu "Tools", add a microphone or musical instrument. Most often used Audition to edit the voices; to create and edit instrumental music, it is desirable to use a specialized sequencers Fruity Loops or Logic. On the table program in the lower part will be a red Rec button (record). Stop the recording by clicking on the black square (Stop). So you can create your audio track and save it in mp3, ogg or wma.

Merging tracks

Navigate to the audio files you want to combine. This can be done in the menu "File" (tab Open). Highlight one of the audio tracks (Ctrl + A), copy it (Ctrl + C) and paste in the main file (Ctrl + V). So the tracks will be combined sequentially, one after the other. If you need to carry out more "pinpoint" bonding, it is necessary to switch from one music track to another, listening to (Play), capturing the mouse, you can copy and paste selected sounds to the Assembly file.

Mixing and effects

Menu "Effects" offers the user almost unlimited freedom of action. You can increase the volume of the songs using the Volume tool Change to work with frequency and tone. The echo effect you can add a job with the Reverb effect.

For mixing tracks in Adobe Audition, you need to place two audio tracks on one desktop, one below the other. You can do this in the section "Mixing" menu, "Effects" using the option "Add track" (Add trek). Then you can pick up the effects of smoothing, to reduce the volume at the ends of the tracks, put them on top of each other.