You will need
  • - Adobe Audition;
  • - sound files.
The easiest way of merging several audio passages is to use the Append option Open. Similar command is available in the video editor VirtualDub, which with her help glue the videofiles. In order to use this option, open the audio file editor, which must be at the beginning of the glued sound. To do this, apply the option Open from the File menu or press Ctrl+O.
To join the second order of the sound passage to the first open it in the editor, Open the Append option from the same menu File. If the first was a mono file that is attached behind it a passage will be converted to mono. Conversely, if the first was opened stereo audio, connected mono file will be two channel.
In the same way, attach the rest of the music to the file. In the field of gluing fragments will appear in the markers with the names of the source files.
Another way to connect several audio passages – the usual copying the audio track and then insert it anywhere in another track. In order to apply this method of gluing, open the file in the editor with the option Open.
In the list of open files that is visible on the left side of the program window in edit mode, click on the name of the second in order of the text and select Edit from the context menu.
Highlight the entire audio track and copy the text Copy option from the Edit menu or Ctrl+C.
Locate files the first fragment and then open it using the Edit item of the context menu. Place the pointer cursor on the sound wave, which is going to paste the second snippet and paste it by pressing Ctrl+V or Paste option from the Edit menu.
If you don't need to glue one piece to the end of another, and mix them, after loading files into the editor, use the option Insert into Multitrack Session from the Edit menu to each open fragment.
Switch editor mode Multitrack Session by selecting it from the list in the Workspace. In the opened window you can change the volume of sound at the same time passages or move them so that they play sequentially superimposed on each other only in the beginning and the end.
To save the sound mode, Multitrack use Audio Mix Down the Export group menu File. To save audio from edit mode use the option Save As from the File menu.