You will need
  • computer;
  • program Nero;
  • program Total Commander.
Create a folder by copying the desired files from other partitions or removable drives. Players can sort the musical pieces numerically or alphabetically. The latter method is not very reliable, because some settings require the location, by artist name, others by title. So for reliability it is best to put the room.
With a small amount of files you can arrange them manually. Find the piece that should be played first. Assign to it the number "001". Many players unambiguous and accurately read two-digit numbers. If the file is small, we can restrict them. However, sequential numbering is not a guarantee that files in the recording process won't be mixed up. The machine can be placed after the file number "001" is the one before the title of which is "01" and not "002". But such actions are predictable and you just have to check.
The most popular program for recording CDs is Nero. It allows you to record music in the mp3 file format in any order, including in order to upload files. Putting the CD in the drive and opening the program, select "Burn data disc". In the right window select the disc type — CD or DVD.
Click "Add". Choose files in the order in which they should sound. Starting with the first. When you add the next file automatically appears in the bottom of the list. This is not the fact that the desired order is displayed on the monitor screen. To ensure that the sequence is observed, check the list in unsorted form. However, the option entry procedure with a guarantee will comply with the only player that does not have sorting capabilities.