Run the program to edit videos with the function of separating the soundroom and video tracks. For example, the editor iMovie, Apple (Mac) or Adobe Premiere (for PC). Then import the video file into the program for this in the File menu ("File") and select " Import ("Import"). When the Import window opens, navigate to the folder on your hard drive where the file is stored and double-click on it.
Click on the first video created from the imported video, then press the Shift and down arrow to navigate down and select all the clips from the video. When all clips are selected, click on any clip and drag it to the timeline, to move all the clips in the correct order.
Click on the "+" symbol next to the track labeled Video ("Video") to show the Audio track ("Audio"). Right-click the mouse on the Video or Audio track and select Unlink ("unlink") to separate the soundand video on two separate rows.
Move the clips to the right to the audio track included later. Or move the clips to the left to soundlike the track was included before. To move the first clip to the left first, click on the left edge of the clip and drag it slightly to the right to get a small space.
Check the synchronization of audio and video sequences when you move clips by pressing the Play button (Play) on the preview screen. As soon as the sound and video are in sync, select the File menu, select Export ("Export"). Enter the name of the file, click"Browse" to choose a folder to save the video and click the Export button.
To customize the sound for the video via the app to sync, download and install the appropriate program, for example, AV-Sync, or VirtualDub. On the File menu, select Open (Open). Navigate to the folder that contains the video file and double-click on it to add to the program interface.
Go to auto sync. In AV-Sync this feature is located on the "Sync" tab. In VirtualDub click "Video Sync". Select the auto-sync button Automatic ("Automatic") in the AV-Sync or Change video and audio to match (Synchronize video and audio) in VirtualDub. Click OK to return to the main screen of the program. Click on the File menu, the Save option (Save) or Apply (Apply), enter the title of the file in the window that appears and press Enter.