Sex change characteristic of those people who were born "out of his body." The percentage of such cases in the world is not great. People feel uncomfortable in your own skin, not willing to put up with a mismatch. Typically, these emotions arise in childhood, and then only realized more and more.
To decide on a sex change, it is necessary to address to the sexopathologist. The specialist will help to understand the needs, recommend things to try to make a final decision. Usually the operation go straight, but by this desire could be the desire for homosexuality. Worth at least once to try non-traditional relationships to accurately understand there is no substitution of concepts and aspirations. Before the operation you definitely need the opinion of the sexologist, who the person is observed for at least a year.
Before you decide, call to psychologists. After all, there is to be a big adjustment period. And it's almost always a very difficult time. People with all types of temperament are able to decide on a period many are not willing to endure such severe stress. Also, it will tell you how to prepare for surgery how to come to that decision without a doubt. The expert will not discourage you, he'll just tell you about the pros and cons, will look at this transformation from different angles.
Before the operation required a period when a person begins to drink a special medication. Hormonal substances prepare the body for the sex change, make the process safe. It changes appearance, reduces hair growth, changes of sexual excitability. This process usually lasts at least a year, and at this time the patient can decide for themselves comfortable he is in new condition, ready for the final step. During this period as the observations are made not only for the physical body and psyche.
But before you go to the doctors, try to live a life of the opposite sex. Today, women can easily dress like a man and Vice versa. Better to do it in the place where you don't know. Remove or buy apartment in another city and start a new life. Live as if you have already replaced the floor, did all the operations. Find a job, try to meet interesting people, make Dating exciting. Learn to enjoy this life. But remember that this is not a game but an experiment. If in two or three years you will not get bored, if you really feel that you were born in the wrong body, then it is worth going to the surgeons.