If you have a suspicion that the man you know is gay, don't try to learn it from his friends. The worst thing you can do is to ask questions about a person's sexual orientation to his friends. Even so, perhaps his friends are not aware of this. In any case, such questioning would harm this man, whether about gay or not. These actions of you or spread unfounded rumors about a person either openly interfering in his personal life he might want to hide. In addition, if the man finds out about your actions, he never admits to this matter.
Don't judge a man by the style of his clothes. There is a widespread belief that if a man wears tight clothes vivid colorings, he's probably gay. It is not, any man can dress in a similar way, it has nothing to do with his orientation. In addition, many athletes and metrosexuals wear these clothes, it's just a style followed by many.
Pay attention to how people react to talking about gays. Specific responses, outstanding gay, in this case does not exist, however, some signs can still indicate this. If a man defends the rights of gays, supports the probability that he is gay, high. However, many people who have something to hide about themselves probably won't care enough about gays. Try to discuss this topic with someone in his presence and see the reaction of the person you suspect. If he is gay, most likely it will be to listen carefully to the opinions of your interlocutor.
Reaction to the opposite sex can also give some assumptions about the orientation of the person. But here, confidence can not be. If a man has no friend or even acquaintance, it can be assumed that he is gay, although it is also possible that he's just a very shy person. It is also important to consider its age. If a guy goes to school and he never had a girlfriend, the likelihood that he's gay is much lower than if in such a situation is forty years old man.
Finally, you can directly ask the person about his orientation. However, you must be a good reason. For example, you are very close with the person and want to know everything about it or your friend and you as a woman want a relationship with him. If you are motivated by just curiosity, forget about this method. In addition, whatever you have done in trying to ask the man about his orientation, be prepared for a negative reaction on his part. It would only mean that he is not ready to open communication on this subject, you are absolutely not and.