Why in Minecraft privatethe territory

If you built a house, having produced and accumulated many different materials, set everything in it necessary for life, such as bed, TV and other interesting items, it is only natural that you want to protect them from attacks by other players.

It is very important to ensure not only the safety of the house, but also to prevent the opening of chests, theft of diamonds. Naturally, it is possible to hide, to surround with traps and housing to build in a remote place. But the most effective method of protection is Privat territories.

You need to private the territory in Minecraft

To deprivatise anything, you'll need a hatchet. To do that, you need the window of the craft in the upper left corner to put the three planks, and in the middle cell and the cell beneath it - two sticks. So you will be able to craft a wooden axe. But if you replace the boards on the stones, gold or diamonds, it is possible to obtain, respectively, stone, gold or diamond tools.

As privacity territory in the game Minecraft

To make the private, you must determine the approximate size of the territory that you want to make personal. Should approach the starting point of the privatized area and click on selected unit left mouse button on the screen appeared the inscription "First position set". Next you need to proceed to the next point, and password and click on the right mouse button. You also need to highlight high and low points.

Minecraft has special commands that allow privatethe territory. So, /region define(/region redefine) is used to change the zone of the private. Request /region claim gives the ability to assign the region itself. Inscription /region select selects the region. To view information about zapryazhennoy site, you need to type /region info.

Zapryazhennye items can benefit not only you, but your friends in Minecraft. The command /region addowner(/region removeowner — allows you to change the ownership of the region. Adding to this list, you can provide him with exactly the same rights as you. To view a list of all zapryazhennyh your territories, you can type /region list.

Resize privatenot territory at the height with the command //expand <number of cubes> <direction>. To select the height and depth of the Privat, you need to enter the corresponding number of blocks, and to determine the direction of uses of the English word down - down, up - up. To remove Privat you can use the introduction of the phrase /region remove <zone name>

Thus, knowing how in Minecraft privatethe territory, you can safely build a beautiful home to hide their extracted wealth to close from unauthorized access chests. And also you can unite with friends in team and provide General usage zapryazhennyh zones.