Armor displayed in the interface of Minecraft in the form of a separate scale which is located opposite to health. If you measure the armor in the glasses, there may be a maximum of 10. You can create 4 different components: helmet, chestplate, pants and boots. You are free to choose what to wear, since items with each other not connected.
To make armor in Minecraft using four different materials: diamonds, gold, iron and leather. When crafting they cannot be mixed, but ready-made objects of different materials can be combined at discretion. For example, you can wear a metal helmet and leather pants.
Each material can make the armor in Minecraft different protective properties. Leather goods protect are the worst and are the most durable diamond. Armor of gold created for beauty, as they are very fragile. It is believed that they are only the beginners do not know anything about the game. To make armor in Minecraft in our example, we will use the skin.
To create the helmet will need 5 skins you can see in the image how they should be placed on the workbench.
To make a helmet in Minecraft
To make the bib, you need 8 skins. Clothes this way, you can still paint using different colors, which abound in Minecraft.
To make a chestplate in Minecraft
7 skins need to be placed on a workbench to produce durable and fashionable leather pants. You can see on the picture how it's done. Instead skins you can use, as mentioned earlier: diamonds, iron and gold.
To make pants in Minecraft
Less is spent on the creation of shoes - 4 skins. This is the last element of the set of armor that can be crafted in Minecraft. Without exception, all the clothing can be enchanted, giving them additional useful properties, but in this article we will not consider this issue.
To make boots in Minecraft
Ready to wear the armor itself, click on the keyboard button E and place things in the appropriate slots. You can see on the picture how it looks in the game. You managed to make armor in Minecraft, now you can go on an adventure in full combat readiness.
Wearing armor in Minecraft