It should be noted that the cost of rental housing in St. Petersburg will vary depending on the distance from the center of the city. If you are not willing to spend big money on a beautiful view outside the window, you may be able to find an apartment at a cost of 25-30 thousand rubles per month, including utility bills. People who value prestige and comfort of housing, will have to spend a large amount.

What factors affect the cost of housing?

In addition to the distance from the center, on the cost of renting an apartment will be influenced by such characteristics as floor apartment, house type, presence or absence of furniture, and of course living area. Therefore, choosing an apartment in Petersburg, pay attention to these parameters, as for families with one child will not work for an Unfurnished apartment, and the disabled should not choose an apartment on the last floor of a building without a lift.

Where to look for rental housing in St. Petersburg?

It is best to find an apartment even before you arrive in Saint Petersburg. See the range of prices, to find some suitable housing options, find out the cost of intermediaries (estate agents). If the earlier apartments in St. Petersburg have searched through the Newspapers for ads of property owners, it has now become almost impossible to find a rented apartment or room without real estate agents. These people collected database of real estate all over St. Petersburg, which the owners want to do certain operations – to sell, rent, exchange, etc.

Will have to pay!

Find accommodation in St. Petersburg without intermediaries is difficult. If you want to rent an apartment in the city, you will have to pay an amount several times greater than the monthly rent. Mediators in big cities (including Saint Petersburg) take tenants large sums of money for their services. It often happens that the service of finding accommodation for a tenant is from 40% to 100% of the monthly rent. Thus, if the apartment costs 30 thousand rubles a month, then you will need to pay 15-30 thousand rubles to the agent for service, to pay a Deposit for the last month (this amount will be returned to you if you follow all the terms of the contract, not having moved down in advance and without causing damage to property in the apartment), as well as an advance payment for several months (typically owners require a Deposit of 1-3 months). Total comes to 30 Tr 30 Tr 90 Tr=150 thousand rubles. This is the average amount you spend the tenant in the first 3 months just for rent.

If you decide to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, you will have to advance to save up money for apartment rent. You can, of course, significant savings, renting an apartment, but a room, not in the center and on the outskirts of the city. In this case, the amount spent on housing will be reduced to 80-90 thousand rubles for the first few months.