You should start with city queue in need of better housing conditions. Currently, registration will be accepted by the citizens, whose living conditions do not fit the institutionalized sanitary norms of residence. The sanitary norm is not less than 10 meters per person. The results of the apartments is carried out based on the time of registration and the availability of social housing. Among the waiting list, allocate the first and second user category.
Compensation in the form of housing retrieves only the first category of the waiting list. The second category offers grants and participation in social programs aimed at improving living conditions. The government provides "assistance" for the purchase of a new apartment. For all categories mandatory condition is the number of meters per person - below account 10, registration in the city for at least 10 years, proof that for the last 5 years was not committed actions that led to the deterioration of living conditions.
The first group of the waiting list are poor people who are unable to participate in programs that require personal capital. To be recognized to the poor, you need proof of income.
In addition, there is a category of citizens who are entitled to free housing a priority. These include: orphans - graduates of children's homes; individuals sick with an open form of tuberculosis; a large family, which gave birth to triplets. This includes immigrants from unfit, dilapidated housing and people who have lost their apartments as a result of natural disasters.
Free possible to get accommodation in the hostel. The right to a room in a hostel is given to students, the public or the military. Such housing shall be issued for temporary use for the period of study, work, or service. In addition, in St. Petersburg there are city turn into a Dorm room. According to the housing code of the Russian Federation, the hostel is provided to citizens who are not provided housing in the village. For getting a room in the dormitory should write an application to the Committee on development of municipal economy, attach the petition from work.