If you are lucky and have someone to stay for the first time, better that opportunity that did not work so that you will become a hostage situation: either pay what is asked, or spend the night on the street. However, it would be still not to abuse the hospitality of relatives or friends for too long.
If your relatives or friends is not by chance an empty room or apartment for rent (which would be ideal), you will probably have to use the services of the Agency.
Even if you have a very small budget, it is not necessary to give all the money to the scammers. If the Agency, whose phone you found on the Internet or on the Bulletin Board, offers to conclude the contract on granting of information services (i.e. an apartment with you to watch, they will not go) for 2-4 thousand rubles, it is likely that their information should not believe.
The most expensive, but safest way to find housing through a real estate Agency. To find a suitable option through the directory, for example "will Pass. Will remove the" sold in any newspaper kiosk or on the website (Bulletin of real estate of St. Petersburg). After you choose any option or Agency, please call them and either invite you to the office or agent by phone to find out all your wishes and financial possibilities.
If any of the proposed agents options seems interesting to you, go view an apartment or room together with the agent.
Before you sign a contract, make sure that it is your right not only to use the living space, but also the common spaces. The more detailed the stipulated conditions in the contract, the less potential problems.
At the end of the agreement you are comfortable in the city and will be able to find quite independently, if necessary, a new apartment.