The Open Document format is an alternative to closed commercial formatm, such as doc, xls and ppt (used in Microsoft Office applications from 1997 to 2007).
If you have Microsoft Office 2007, you need to open a file format .ods, use a program to create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Open the worksheet in Excel 2007. In the top menu open the add-ins tab.
In the drop-down list, select the Import file in the ODF format". You can also choose the menu button "Import spreadsheet in ODF format". Dialog box opens the "Import spreadsheet in ODF format". In it click on the extension file .ods that you want to open, click "Open".
It is possible to open the file .ods is the second way. Right click on the ods file. In the context menu select "Open with...". then "Choose program". Select the Microsoft Office Excel program. Select the index item "always use this program to open this kind of file". Click "OK".
If you have Microsoft Office 2003, to open format ods need plugin Sun ODF. Download the program from official website (file size is 33 MB).
Install the Converter as a normal program. Open the worksheet in Microsoft Office Excel 2003. In the menu "Tools", select "add-ins". In the dialog box "add-ins" click the "Browse" button. In this window, specify the location of the file odfaddin.xla path: C:/Program Files/Sun/Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office *.*/converter, then click "OK".
On the top toolbar (located directly above the sheet, now there is a new panel of "Sun ODF Plugin". The buttons: Import file format odf" and "Export ODF file". Click "Import file..". Select the file .ods, click "Open".