Use Notepad

To view the XML file built into the system means you can use any available text editor (e.g. "Notepad"). Right click on the document and in the context menu, select the line "Open with" - Notepad. This way of viewing is different because you will see the contents of the XML with all tags and specified parameters. In Notepad you can edit the code and save it in the same original file.

View as a table style

If you want to view the XML file as a stylesheet and ready to display the document, use Microsoft Excel, which allows you to display the desired file in the table format specified in the code attribute. To open XML in Excel, just right click on the file and then go to "Open with" - Microsoft Excel. The downside of using this method to open a XML file is that it can display when the limit lines in the program settings. Therefore, Excel cannot open files that have a large volume.

View XML file in browser also allows you to display document and its code. Almost any version of a modern browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) supports the display of XML files. To browse the document, call context menu "Open with". You will see the browser tab in which you will see desired information or code.

Alternative editors

For editing the XML you can use the program Notepad++. Its distinctive feature is to implement support for highlighting code. The program will highlight used tags color. If you miss, for example, closing the descriptor, the program will highlight the right piece of code and you will be able to see and edit. An alternative to Notepad++ you can mark AkelPAD representing a similar set of tools for working with markup languages.

Viewing XML in other systems

Operating systems Linux and Mac OS the program can also be opened using any text editor. Libre Office Calc is similar to Excel, and therefore also able to display the rows from the document in its window. As for Mac OS, you can use Libre Office and Excel in the version for the operating system. As in other Mac OS supports open XML with text editor.