Dream chicken is associated with a woman. Dead chicken represents just the weaker sex, as well as coming trouble. It is important to pay attention to what is happening in the dream: to analyze the details, to facilitate the interpretation of the dream.

What does a dream of a dead chicken

In the dream, to see the chicken – mostly it portends hustle and bustle of household chores. If you dream of the chicken dead, expected pressing concerns, which seem very difficult, almost impossible. A dead plucked chicken or chickens – warning of future troubles that can happen in real life, the dream may be a warning by the Council to pay serious attention to home and family.

The dream may say that family relationships can suffer from unwillingness to give up, from intolerance. But in some circumstances, sleep dead chicken acts as the harbinger of light, frivolous chores that are unworthy of worry and excitement.

You can sometimes hear the opinion that dreams are not messages from the future, on the contrary, it echoes of the past.
Moments that a person experiences in a day can be reflected in dreams. They must correctly decrypt and try to match with reality to determine the degree of threat.

What had a dead chicken, can be determined by the details. If man killed in a dream chicken in his life he will reap in big trouble. Look at how the hen chickens kills someone else, means that in real life there are troubles and intrigues, which are not yet known. Plucked Kura – falls short of expectations the results of long labors, perhaps, the frustration, money wasted.

How can you interpret the appearance in dreams of a dead plucked chicken

Dead chicken may also mean that you have envious person among very close acquaintances, perhaps relatives. This can be attributed to the warning signs that show that the circle of friends need to pay close attention.
Chicken is considered a symbol of money and sleep with a dead bird – a harbinger of loss of funds, revenues, financial troubles that will cause trouble very soon.

People who have great faith to dream interpretation, interpretations of dreams, it is better to try to adhere to basic norms of behavior accepted in society. You should not provoke conflict or certain situations, testing whether the predictions come true. This may be an unnecessary burden in terms of emotions.