Generally in civilized society, this is not to say out loud, but the dreams, as they say, not command. Some people have bunnies on the lawn, and the other famous Hollywood characters, and the third is human feces. It is necessary to consider the last dream in more detail.

A common dream interpretation from human faeces

Classically it is believed that the excrement that man sees in his dream, promise him a higher financial level. In other words, such dreams say about welfare in the implementation of these plans, which will be associated with financial costs.

The best dreams are those in which the feces are visible in nature, on the farm, in the countryside. Especially good if these dreams see the villagers. It tells them that the year promises to be fruitful. In addition, manure is the best fertilizer for the soil.

What dream feces in the dream Miller

American psychologist named Gustav Hindman Miller argues that human feces dream exclusively for good events. According to him, dreams in which a man contemplates his own feces, promise him financial profit, a considerable inheritance, cash income.

If a woman had a baby excrement, then soon she gets pregnant. Men who saw feces in my dream in the future can take up a substantial position in society, and to move up the career ladder. If the stool had an elderly person-the gardener, that is not far off a rich harvest.
If in sleep abundantly to get dirty in their own feces, the reality can be solid to get rich. To shake off their feces – to get rid of the annoying problem.

What this says about the Sigmund Freud

Iconic psychologist of all times and peoples, Sigmund Freud links the dream of human feces with a dirty and slutty life. In these dreams, he sees nothing positive. Freud believes that such paintings is a warning: perhaps reality some people are digging in the "dirty linen" of the dreamer. In this case it is necessary to be very careful in dealing with unfamiliar interlocutors.
Sigmund Freud does not exclude the fact that children's feces dream latent pedophiles. In this case the psychologist calls serious about your life, think about its meaning and, if necessary, to go to a psychologist for help.

Family dream book

Generally the stool, according to this dream interpretation, talking about the maximum concentration of a specific experience in any of the spheres of life of the dreamer. If the faeces is liquid, it is not far off some financial problems. To consider in a dream of their own excrement – to the respect from others.