The ingredients and kitchen utensils

For cooking crumbly dishes, take a small pot with lid, water glass, spoon, salt and long grain parboiled rice. It is important to purchase this particular brand of rice, then you can be sure that he will loose, otherwise it will be impossible to predict the outcome. Water will need 2 times more than cereals. It is recommended accurately calculate the quantity, in order not to spoil the dish.


With the help of the glasses should be separated the required amount of rice and water. You will then need to pour it in a pan and add salt a little more intense than I would like to get the dish. As soon as the water boils, it is filled with rice. It is brought to the boil and tightly closed with a lid. The fire will need to turn down to medium to keep the water poured into the brewing process. If it still spills, you can slightly reduce the heat. Rice should be given to writing a rolling boil for 15 minutes. After that you should cook it for another 10 minutes on low heat.

After this time you will need to gently tilt the pan and see if there's any water. You can also spoon make a depression. If the water in the pot does not, the rice is ready. It so happens that the liquid remains at the bottom, then you should cook the dish to its complete disappearance. You may need to add a little fire to not to overcook the rice. Then the pot is removed from the plate and closes. Rice is recommended to use only five minutes. During this time it will be steamed and will be crumbly. Before serving, rinse the rice under running water, so you will be able to improve its palatability.

Useful tips

It so happens that when all applied efforts, the rice is not very crumbly. It's not only the skills of cooking, maybe groats are not cut out for this. It is important to remember that the best variety of rice is considered to be basmati. It is not boiled and not stick together. It is long and slender grains, it is not cheap, but very flavorful and tasty. If such varieties are out of town, you can purchase another variety. She must be thin and long grain. To the rice while cooking them, add 5 minutes until tender, a few drops of vegetable oil or lemon juice.