How to achieve friability?

Every woman wants the rice turned out crumbly, not like its structure to the paste. Therefore, before cooking the rice should be carefully washed from starch and talc. The fact that, before arriving on store shelves, the cereal has undergone a special treatment, which is glazing powder or cornstarch. Rinse the rice before until muddy water becomes fully transparent. When cooking grains it is necessary to observe the correct ratio of water and rice (1 Cup rice requires 2 cups of water).

If you are planning to throw the rice in already boiling water, then cover the pan with a lid is not necessary. If you put to cook the rice together with water, the pot should be covered with a lid. When the water starts to boil, the fire must slow down to a minimum. For krugloozernoe rice preferred closed type cooking long grain and, on the contrary, is more suitable for cooking with the lid open.

To the rice turned out crumbly, it in any case can not stop. If you are afraid that the rice will get cooked unevenly, you can go spoon a small hole. Condiments and spices should be added only after the boiling water. To salt the dish after cooking.

How to make rice taste and appetizing appearance?

If you want to give the side dish a more appetizing appearance, boiling water you can add half a teaspoon of turmeric. Thanks to this seasoning grains will acquire a rich wheat color, which is an appetite.

Improve the taste of the rice with garlic, dried barberry, and Oriental spices — Zira. The easiest way to diversify the taste of the garnish is to add a versatile seasoning that can be bought at any grocery store.