The most popular is long grain rice. This variety of rice is used for cooking pilaf, and as a garnish for meat or fish. The perfect variety of rice soup is considered a medium grain rice. It will absorb more water and will give the dish viscous. A frequent visitor when cooking is white rice. We should not overestimate it, since this variety of rice is subjected to polishing, and therefore, contains less vitamins. The most useful is brown rice variety. Raw shell bears the maximum benefit.

In order to properly cook the rice must delve into the secrets of cooking, because there you will definitely be able to find a suitable answer. Let's start with the milk rice porridge. The most common mistake is adding sugar to porridge at the moment of preparation. While the rice softens and becomes adhesive. To get the crumbly rice porridge, dilute the sugar in boiling water, and add it to the porridge after cooking.

In order to make a truly divine dish it is not necessary to add to the rice huge amounts of water, because the view that rice loves the water wrong. Rice loves a good butter, while from the resulting rice porridge and you'll be delighted.

Another common mistake is the frequent stirring rice porridge. Ideally, you should prevent the rice immersion of the grains on the bottom, to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Consider yourself a fan of risotto? Choose oblong crisp, fried rice. When cooking the pilaf, sauté the onion, carrot, meat, and then place in a bowl of rice. Do not mix it. Gradually add in the rice water, creating favorable for rice steam atmosphere. Remember that risotto doesn't like fuss, and added to excess water will only ruin the taste of your masterpiece.

If you want to make the rice loose, not only in rice, but in other dishes, contact a lemon. Add 1 tablespoon lemon (juice) in boiling water. So you don't have cooked rice will be fluffy and fragrant. You want the rice was white, add a few drops of vinegar in boiling water. Remember that the rice down in cold water will boil soft, in hot will retain all its qualities.

The most popular Western and Eastern method of cooking rice. According to the Eastern method of cooking rice should be washed 3-5 times. Add rice should be brought to the boiling salted water. The pot must be closed with a lid and cook for three minutes on high heat for two minutes on medium heat for seven minutes on low heat. Brought to readiness the rice should infuse for 12 minutes, add butter and enjoy the prepared meal.

For cooking rice according to the Western method, you must resort to using pans. Fry the rice and add the water. After the water has evaporated, add the next batch, until cooked.