You will need
    • Brown rice - 1 part
    • Water - 2 parts
    • Salt - to taste
    • Butter - to taste
The Japanese way
According to studies by scientists from Japan and the USA, brown ricee more than white, contains substances that remove harmful substances from the body, including cholesterol. Besides, brown rice is able to normalize blood pressure and act as a prophylactic against cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. In the "land of the rising sun" the dark figure more popular than white, that's why in Japan such a low level of heart disease. Among other useful properties of brown rice can protect the body from obesity, and worldwide is considered a dietary product.
Rinse brown rice several times in cold water. Bring 2 parts water in a saucepan to a boil, add salt and pour 1 part rice. Next is to cook the rice for 3 minutes over high heat, 2 – average, and 7 minutes on low. Then leave the rice for 12 minutes, then add oil and mix. Loose rice is ready!
In Italy, the untreated rice is used in all possible recipes riceoriented dishes, such as pilaf, salads, vegetables and as a garnish to meat, fish, poultry. Brown rice is recommended for people who tend to be overweight, have diabetes or allergies. It is preferred by the supporters of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle all over the world. Brown rice is almost 100 % sprouts when soaking, so love him also supporters of the raw food diet.
According to the second method, first you need to fry the brown rice in a dry frying pan, then add water and continue to cook on medium heat. Once the water has evaporated, pour again some water, and then again until rice is cooked. Thus the Italians cook risotto. The rice should be not quite soft, slightly dampish. At the end of cooking ready rinse rice in warm water.