You will need
  • - latex paint;
  • - velour or sheepskin paint roller.
Prepare the surface for painting. If it is concrete or plastered wall or ceiling, align them with a putty and, after it dries, sand smooth. The surface should be smooth, dry and durable.
Check whether the traces of chalk on the hand after touching the prepared surface. If you're staying, it must be primed with universal primer. If the surface is not melitsya, you can apply a primer coat of vodoemulsionki diluted with water (5:1) and mix thoroughly.
Apply with a roller you have, which choose depending on the type of paint. Velour roller, apply a silky emulsion, srednevekovyi sheepskin - Matt. Apply the paint strokes in the letter "W": from top to bottom and back and a little obliquely, to avoid unsightly marks. After staining the entire surface, let it dry, dry you have no more than 2 hours.
After drying the primer layer, apply the second main layer to fix the color. Dilute the paint with water in a ratio of 10:1 if necessary.
If you want to repaint previously painted surface in a different color, you must clean it of old paint and rinse with water. Stains from grease, ink, rust and other treat with special means for cleaning. After drying, apply you have two coats, as usual.