You will need
  • - spatula;
  • brush;
  • water;
  • grinding machine;
  • respirator;
  • glasses;
  • brush;
  • - roller;
  • - spray gun.
If you need to paint the walls and ceiling with latex paint on a layer of regular lime, then it can be done immediately, if lime is not applied in a thick layer and not eliminated. Vodoemulsionka with any color great falls on the ordinary lime and does not require preliminary preparation of surfaces.
In the presence of a thick layer of lime will scrape off the entire layer with a spatula, fill the walls and only after that start colouring.
If you plan to paint whitewashed walls enamel, you will have to remove the entire layer of lime, because over time, all of the enamel will flake off along with the former whitewash.
To remove a thick layer of lime use a spatula. A thin layer is enough to wet and wash with a brush. If you have a sander for final leveling of the walls, use it with emery paper No. 0. Remember when sanding to wear a respirator, glasses, open all the Windows and doors, as the dust from the lime is very toxic.
Before painting, Prime the walls with Wallpaper paste, varnish or dilute the paint that you will apply in the ratio of 1:5 and apply two coats on unpainted surface. After 24 hours, immediate start staining.
The core layer of the enamel, apply with a brush, roller or spray gun. If you use a roller or brush, it is sufficient to paint the surface in two layers. After the first painting to let the paint dry completely for 24 hours then apply a second coat.
If you use a spray gun, you will need the triple coating of paint, as the paint coat goes on more subtly and double staining is not always effective and gives a smooth opaque layer.
When using the spray gun as you would with a brush or roller, each layer needs to dry completely, after which you can apply the next layer.