Latex paint – a solution consisting of water and fine particles of polymers that provide it ukryvnoy ability. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, paint may contain 10-15 additives, which determine its features. For example, it may be hardy, to have properties of antiseptic, anti-corrosive, to have high viscosity, etc. In the composition of vodoemulsionki at least 50% dissolved in water of plenkoobrazovatelja, 35-37% fillers 7% plasticizers and 6% of various additives.

How to apply latex paint?

Latex paint can be applied by spray, roller, brush. These compositions are produced atomizers, considering vodoemulsionki. They provide high performance and large area spraying. The use of nozzles is advantageous for several reasons.

First, water-based paints dry quickly. On average, for partial drying them just a few minutes, and for the full 1.5-2 hours. For this reason, when working with a roller or brush on the painted surfaces can leave streaks from the uneven application of layers. Secondly, when applying the composition of the spray, which ensures its supply of low pressure, the paint is laid evenly, without streaks and layers, so the cover layer is not cracked.

There are three types of sprays that you can use when working with water-based paints: manual, electric, pneumatic. They will provide high quality shelter surface.

If you decide to paint with a roller, it makes sense to pay attention to those that are light, bright and short pile, the pile where there is no seam, equipped with a comfortable handle. Brush it is advisable to buy from natural bristles.

The stages of painting surfaces you have

Before beginning work surface for staining, clear of the old coating and primed. If the plaster is left oily or other stains, remove them with the following composition: in warm water diluted with h tbsp. of soda ash. Next, you should read the instructions of the paint manufacturer. It is possible that the composition will need to be diluted with water (in the amount of 10% of the total volume of paint) and mix thoroughly. If necessary, add color.

Then pour latex paint into a paint tray or another suitable container. Next, take a brush and twice to paint the perimeter of the surface (wall or ceiling). If the painted part of the wall, in the right place, stick masking tape and two times paint over the dividing line. Then use the roller. It is dipped in the tray and start to do strokes, trying to push evenly on the surface. For best performance it is recommended to apply two layers of vodoemulsionki: one horizontally directed strokes, the second – vertical.