The pros and cons of whitewash

Previously, all the ceilings were whitewashed because no other options existed. Chalk for painting ceilings still in use today, due to the very low material cost. Compared even with the cheapest latex paint, whitewash is worth mere pennies.

But those who decided on the plaster of the ceiling, should understand that their hands will create a real dust collector. After all, Mel will attract all the dirt that cannot be removed as the chalk whitewash creates an absolute unstable to wash the floors.

So experts recommend to whitewash ceilings in the bathroom, the toilet and the kitchen. Because that is where the ceiling should have waterproof properties. In addition, Mel with temperature changes may begin to crack and crumble.

What colors to choose

In stores there is a large selection of colors for ceilings, but do not chase the cheap, because in this case, the coating is not durable. And moisture the paint will flake off and, therefore, each room should choose the appropriate coverage.

For example, for living room and bedroom will fit a simple matte or globorotalia paint, it will brighten up the imperfections of the ceiling and visually make it smoother. For wet areas the experts recommend to choose a water resistant paint with protivoplesnevye component
Before using water paint the ceiling must be primed 1-2 times.

The big advantage of water-based paints is their ease of application, they give almost no streaks and splashes, in contrast to the whitewashing, painting them is a pleasure. Some compounds have such density that not even drain from the roller. In addition, the ceiling of which is painted with water-based composition can be washed with the use of various assistive devices. This property is especially useful for rooms with high exploitation: kitchens and hallways.

What part to choose for ceiling the consumer decides. Just some note that is still chalky coating passes the air flow, which is especially important for rooms where there live small children. Therefore, rational use of whitewash in the nursery and the bedroom and the rest of the premises to make repairs using emulsion paint
Whitewash or latex paint should be applied only velour roller to get an even finish.

If the choice falls on the plaster ceiling, it should be understood that tinting coating will have once in two years. But water-based formulations are able to serve up to 10 years without upgrading.