The main objective is to determine the composition of paint. It needs to withstand the impact of moist air and make the ceiling surface is the most aesthetic. What are the options?

The silicate paint for ceiling in bathroom

The undoubted advantage of such a composition can be called its ability to resist moisture and also to reduce the risk of fungus. More praise silicate paint can for the fact that it persists for a long time on almost any work surface. Its shade will be a long time to look bright. Unfortunately, with such material difficult to work with due to its low elasticity. At the same time, the water vapor permeability of the layer silicate paint is extremely low. Therefore, the microclimate in the bathroom might not be the most pleasant.

Silicone paint for ceiling surface

This paint composition is relatively resistant to contact with moisture also it immune to temperature changes. Another of the significant advantages of the material can be called its environmental cleanliness, water vapor permeability, and excellent appearance. Using silicone also get rid of minor damage, cracks and other defects. But to purchase such a product, will have to spend more money. But the result when painting a ceiling in a bathroom would be great.

Acrylic paint in the bathroom

Material of this type belongs to the group of water-dispersion paints, so it dries quickly, looks impressive, good resists mechanical loads and has a long life with proper care. Using acrylic paint, the ceiling surface can be protected from mold, for some time to protect it from contact with water. To work with this composition is quite simple, so the owners can apply paint to the ceiling in the bathroom efficiently. The problem is only that it is quite expensive.

Of course, there are many other colors, but these are suitable for the bathroom the most. Painted ceiling in any of these compositions will be a few years to make the bathroom presentable and functional.