Under the influence of numerous stimuli of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity begins to harden. Such stimuli include: dental disease caries with sharp edges; malocclusion; overhanging edges of fillings; Smoking; low-quality dentures; crowns on teeth of different metals that generate galvanic currents; excessive consumption of very hot food and spices.

In this disease the main element is the plaque white. Usually she doesn't bother and is found incidentally. Sometimes it may appear sores and cracks, then the patient concerned about the burning sensation and pain.

Treatment consists in removing the causes of disease: Smoking cessation, replacement of defective prostheses, improving the hygiene of the oral cavity. Subsequently, a prescribed vitamin and keratolytic drugs topical application (three to ten percent salicylic acid and infusion of celandine).

The danger of leukoplakia is that it is malignancy. In 15-75% of cases, depending on the shape, is seen its transition to a cancer. Therefore, for prevention it is necessary to visit the dentist.


The appearance of white plaque on the gums, mucosa, palate and cheeks, the tongue – a sign of the disease candidiasis. Infection occurs on the background of endocrine diseases, low immunity, anemia, diabetes, HIV infection, Smoking and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Candidiasis can occur from the entire surface of the mucosa of the mouth, and maybe separately in the corners of the mouth and lips. In the early phase of the disease white patches formed on the mucous membrane, can be scraped off. With the development of the disease the plaque has not removed.

To begin treatment, it is necessary to take a sample of plaque from the mucous membrane. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis we start treatment.

For the treatment used antifungal drugs for oral or tablets ("Flucostat", "Diflucan" and "Gungan"). In the same period, spend processing of the oral cavity with a cotton swab dipped in solutions of: hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, sodium tetraborate, potassium permanganate.

For hygiene of oral candidiasis is recommended to use a special toothpaste with content of enzymes such as: lactoperoxidase, glucose oxidase, lactoferrin, lysozyme. Thanks to these enzymes, increases immunity of the mucous membrane that assists in the recovery and prevention of new cases of the disease.

General treatment should include immune therapy and vitamins, it is necessary to eat protein foods, minimizing carbohydrates.