As you know, toothache is one of the most poignant, aching and unpleasant. Many are familiar with the terrible condition when you chew your food, a drink and just sit quietly on the spot. To endure such pain do not need in any time. Pain is an indication that the body is something broken.
There are many gum disease of varying severity.

How to find out what precisely hurt the gums

The most simple and proven way to figure out what this pain in the oral cavity, to go to a dentist, preferably verified. Of course, there are the signs by which you can independently figure out what the problem is and state the fact of inflammation of the gums. Such signs include: bleeding, the appearance of the gums pimples, sores, acute pain when pressure is applied.

However, the visit to the specialist is required as it will help to make sure not only in their own right. The doctor will determine what it was related tooth pain, prescribe medications on the basis of the particular case of the patient. For example, a person can himself determine that the gums are swollen and begin to rinse with a decoction of mint, sage. However, the degree of inflammation after all is different, and it is likely that the mouth does not need the broth to rinse, and do something else, for example, to treat periodontal disease.

Medicines for gum disease

If the dentist confirmed that it had inflamed gums, and it's not a very serious disease, and say "slight" inflammation, from pharmacies without a prescription for sale special a number of medicines. A very effective and safe drug "Stomatofit", which is used to treat the outbreak of inflammatory processes and prevention of the latter. An alcohol solution of herbs need to be dissolved in water specified in the instructions and proportions to wash their mouth. Taste, of course, unpleasant, but the result is noticeable after the first rinse.

Like the "Stomatofit" is another treatment solution called "Paradontoze". Gel "Metrogyl Denta" is able to soothe the gums to heal. The ointment must be efficiently rubbed into the gums, which is not very convenient, but something should be treated. Effective ointments from pain in the gums are: "Evident-Active", "Holisal", "Asepta", "Solcoseryl" and "Amistad".

Should visit the dentist and to engage in the prevention of dental diseases.
Going to the dentist preferably once in six months.
Completely healthy oral cavity can only be in the case of healthy teeth and gums, so it is necessary to protect them equally.