You will need
  • Patience, willpower, belief in yourself, self-respect and desire.
Before you demand respect from someone, take care of yourself. Maybe you are allowed to forget about their own interests. Analyze, appreciate your contribution to the family, aware of his family members. If not, your task is to fix it as soon as possible. Take it and stop doing what you normally do. This will be a good example of that my husband just can't ignore and will definitely make the right conclusions, that without you it does.
Assign responsibilities around the house, especially if you work. This will make it easier to understand how much you have to do to create a cosiness in the house. Especially today, when many women make no less contribution to the family budget, women are not obliged to carry the burden of household responsibilities alone. Keep this in mind.
Learn to defend their opinion, desire and views. Do not let yourself to insult and ignore their own interests. You should stop any attempts to belittle its own merits. If you have any dispute regarding your desire to study, work, do business or, in the end, contribute to the family budget, try to calmly, without nerves, arguments to explain their position.