Tediousness – trait. Men - boring self-centered, do not know how to adapt to the situation, not accept compromise. The remake is better not to do. It's a waste of time and its forces. To live with such a husband is difficult, but possible, especially if it's native and not indifferent people.

First of all, we need to understand what type of "nerds" refers to your spouse.

Aggressive-rigid type

Aggressive rigid: epileptic character type, stubborn, selfish. Go ahead towards your goals and consistently achieves the goals. With this type it is difficult to find a compromise, it is easier to accept than trying to explain anything or prove anything.

However, you can find his character positive qualities, and then its tediousness would not be so obvious. First of all, such a man is ambitious and straightforward, and therefore, you will know better what he wants and what strategy of communication to choose in order not to turn family life into an occasion for sadness and frustration.


Melancholic – bore: psychasthenic in nature. This is a worrisome man who aggressively demands attention, it is not rational, too picky to detail. To deal with such a husband you can only with the help of subtle humor, but without catch and irony.
Keep in mind this is mentally vulnerable men, don't hit them their claims to self-esteem.


Hidden a bore is a man who is constantly dissatisfied with something. First of all, life, work, wife, policy. He must have the object or subject that is the cause of his discontent and failure. All but him. He is not guilty, period. A hidden nerd is prone to scandals picky about the everyday moments of family life.

Such a person is very careful and one should take advantage of it. You know, he has a good memory, so do not be silent about their desires and preferences. Rest assured, he will remember and will not forget to make you happy in the moment. Most of all, patience and tranquility. These qualities will help you to get along with such a man. Show him his part, the interest of his life and sympathize with his problems.

It is understood that no perfect men.
Positive quality, if you want, you can also find the nerds: often men like themselves demanding of himself.

Wives of such men have fewer opportunities to witness the mess in the apartment, scattered things or dirty dishes. These men are Thrifty, rational to spend money, rarely drink. Strategy wives are largely dependent on the type of temperament of a woman – his wife. Get along well with nerds of a woman with phlegmatic type of character, and hardest wife – melancholic.