If you find that the husband is not with you and even respect for, think about where it started. Perhaps you, too relaxed and ceased to hide some of your flaws? Remember to treat people you need the way you want them to treat you. If some of your everyday habits annoy a loved one, try to get rid of them.
Try to be a good wife and hostess to her husbandat it was nice to come back to a cozy warm house, where his delicious feed. If you begin a showdown, do not turn it into a stream of insults. Discuss the specific situation and not the personality of the husbandand or his relatives. If it starts to insult the husband, just tell him in such a tone to talk will not. Better keep – still no problems thus can not be solved, the situation will only worsen.
Don't bother husbandat permanent control. Don't call him every hour with questions: "where are You? How are you doing?" If he has the desire to share, the evening will come home and he will tell all.
Do not forget about their interests and occupations, which were carried away before the wedding, don't lose your old friends. If you made the husbandand the meaning of their lives, involuntarily lower your value as a human being in his eyes and inspire him with a confidence that is not going anywhere, as if he himself leads.
Remember that your love is a great value. Do not force her husband, not try to win affection, if you see that your flattery cause him irritation. Engage in interesting work – perhaps a spouse soon himself wants to talk to you.
Not necessarily aspire to spend the weekend together, if you see that the husband was categorically against it. Let him know that you can have a good rest. Of course, a good rest does not imply viewing television all day. Go out with friends or with a child, and then enthusiastically look at photographs of those places visited. If the husband approaches the monitor, can lower the picture down – this is your personal space, which husband did not want to share.