It happens not suddenly. Most often the husband begins to show its notthe respect towards his wife, which is not working, and busy with housework and raising children. But probably the woman in some degree to blame in this respect to myself. If a woman stops to look after themselves, to be interested in life outside the home, she becomes boring and its estimation in the eyes of men is falling.
Tidy up your looks and figure. Join a fitness club for classes shaping, Pilates or something like that, useful for the figure. Might have to go on a diet. What do you think! The beauty salon should be a frequent item on your schedule. A woman blossoms and watching them, must be respected.
The need to frequently leave the house, and not only for shopping, will force you to dress better, to follow the fashion. But even at home dress fashionable and stylish. After all, you do it for yourself and for your beloved wife.
Do not linger in the house. Often go with her husband "in the light" that he had the opportunity to make sure that there are other people who appreciate your company and your dignity. But no cause for jealousy!
Ask not only what the weather outside, to be able to maintain a conversation with your spouse over dinner.
In the end, make yourself a well-paid job, of course, if family circumstances allow. Because to regain the respect of her husband, having a family is impossible.
Do not forget to continue to feed her husband's hearty and delicious. To care for him. And don't criticize his mom!
Love and respect yourself and then your family and, first and foremost, your husband will also treat you with love and respectM.