First and foremost you must understand that, being married, voluntarily has assumed serious obligations, the responsibility as to the woman who had to marry you, and to your future children. A real man must be a pillar of the family, its protector, and no equity will not annul this truth. Therefore, it is necessary to behave to his wife next to you was quiet, comfortable, and she could proudly say: "For the husband as behind a stone wall!".
Treat your wife with love, care, understanding. Women are more emotional and vulnerable, especially due to their physiology, so sometimes you have to be patient. But, of course, in any case can not her all to indulge, to become a "henpecked". It does not honor the man, and children are a bad example. Respect must be mutual!
Of course, women, in addition to advantages, there are drawbacks (as, indeed, men). But a loving husband will try to see in his wife only advantages, and will be lenient to her faults. In extreme cases, will openly talk with her, explaining that it is in her habits, tastes you don't like, but in a tactful, polite manner. Comments in any case should not be insensitive, and even more insulting.
You must remember the wise Maxim: "Judge not by words but by deeds". Of course, it is very important to praise his wife, to tell her compliments, kind words. But along with this, we have to help her around the house. Any man can quite take some part of household chores, e.g., vacuuming the apartment, take out the garbage, go shopping for groceries. A woman will appreciate such help appreciated.
Your special love and care will be required during his wife's pregnancy. In the body of the expectant mother, is a real hormonal storm, so pregnant women become highly irritable, often crying, depressed, proud of the deteriorating appearance, can make a scene literally out of the blue. Even if you think such a life a real nightmare, restrain yourself and understand that it is not the will of a woman, she is not to blame.
When your baby is born, everything will come to normal. It is necessary to surround his wife with attention and care, to convince her that everything will be okay, and for you it is still the most favorite and beautiful.