Pityriasis versicolor: causes of

Pityriasis versicolor is an infectious character and is often inherited. In most cases, this disease occurs in people who live in the southern zone with a warm climate. For this reason, this disease is often referred to as solar shingles. Mostly it affects young men, some at least – the elderly and children.

Distributes pityriasis versicolor and is caused the fungus Malassezia, which has 3 varieties:
- Pityrosporum orbiculare (round form);
- Pityrosporum ovale (oval form);
- Malassezia furfur (mycelial form).

The causative agent of this lichen is often the mycelial form of the fungus Malassezia.

Contamination can occur when:
- wearing clothes of a person suffering from this ringworm;
- direct contact with a sick person;
- use items that contact patient;
- childbirth.

There is a widespread belief that this kind of lichen is not contagious. However, scientific evidence suggests that infection they affect a certain structure of the skin, and also the predisposition of the body. Often, it affects relatives and family members with similar skin type.

Infection colored deprive is facilitated by certain factors. First is hormonal imbalances - for example, pregnancy or Cushing's syndrome in which the adrenal glands secrete excessive amount of hormones. Second, this severe somatic diseases - cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis. Thirdly, in the area of risk includes people with excessive sweating.

Pityriasis versicolor: treatment

Treatment of multi-colored lichen in humans is conducted according to certain rules. It is the systematic and regular application of antifungal, antibacterial preparations on the skin surface of the skin. For complete extinction of this lichen are applied antifungal solutions and ointments, such as "Itraconazole".

To speed up the recovery, it is recommended to take antifungals inside. This will avoid recurrence of the disease. Such drugs (for example, "Sertaconazole") contain selenium sulfide and treason, they reduce the reproduction and growth of fungi.

In addition, the treatment used antifungal ointments and medicated shampoos. The affected skin is treated with a weak solution of salicylic acid. Also use water and restorative procedures.

When properly selected treatment in the majority of cases healing takes place, this eliminates the symptoms of the disease, the skin acquires a natural, uniform color.

Repeated outbreaks can occur failure to comply with rules on sanitation personal belongings, hygiene items, bed linen. Pityriasis versicolor need to eliminate holistically: lifestyle, hygiene, medicines will help to avoid relapse. To identify the disease and get treatment, should consult a dermatologist.