Red flat zoster occurs mainly in people 30-60 years old. The skin appears smooth rash with a diameter of 2-5 mm, the center can be observed a small trough. Sometimes the rash becomes blue-red brilliant color. Often ringworm appears red on the bends of the joints. The disease is accompanied by severe intolerable itching, which gives no rest to the patient.
Ringworm does not cause much concern. Usually appears in areas of hair growth. Forms around the lesions, which fall out or break off hair. Most one source has a larger diameter than the others. In the area of education, the skin begins to peel off and formed the outgrowth of cells that has a whitish color. If treatment will not be appointed in time, herpes will quickly spread throughout the body.
Pityriasis rosea appears in the form of spots with a yellowish-pink shade. The diameter of the spots is 2 mm, they have an oval appearance. But first, the plaque usually has a large diameter is called "mother". Most interesting is that after 7-8 weeks, all the symptoms disappear without the use of any drugs, but this does not mean to visit a doctor is not necessary.
Shingles appears on the abdomen, usually in the area of the ribs. Accompanied by severe burning pain, sometimes there is and itching. Lesions have the appearance of bubbles of different diameters, which are gradually burst and crust over. If not treated, tinea can affect most of the body.
Pityriasis versicolor is yellow in color, sometimes cream. Foci are not visible, but if you lightly scrape it, you will notice the separation of the small skin scales. Notice this kind of lichen is possible during the sun when most of the skin darkens, ringworm remains whitish. The treatment of this disease is long and requires a systematic approach, otherwise the result will not be simple, but the lesions will actively spread throughout the body.