The growth of milk teeth

Most children first baby teeth begin to erupt at 5-7 months. In rare cases, this process is delayed until 8-9 months. Slow growth of teeth is primarily influenced by the diet of both the baby and his mom. With a lack of vitamins and nutrients in food and in the body there is a significant slowdown in the appearance of the first incisors.

Experts say that the slow eruption of teeth can be caused by genetic characteristics and hereditary. In any case, to panic ahead of time is not worth it. The reason for concern is the complete absence of milk teeth in 10 months. The child should be seen by a specialist.

Try to objectively assess the overall condition of the baby. The fact is that many infectious diseases may adversely affect the growth of teeth. If the child is often sick, it is likely that the teeth will grow slower than its peers. If the mother during pregnancy suffered some diseases, it also affects the health of the child after birth.

Problems during the change of teeth

The process of change of milk teeth to permanent may be very long. The first permanent teeth appear in children, usually closer to 6 years. They are changing gradually. Some teeth for quite a long time do not hurry to appear.

The reasons for this condition may be few. First, the wrong food. Secondly, a weakened immune system. Thirdly, heredity, or abnormalities. If the teeth do not grow within 6 months after the loss of dairy, you really need to see a doctor.

The fact that there is gum disease in which the milk tooth falls out, a radical in his place does not appear. To correct such a defect and prescribe treatment can only a doctor. The diagnosis is made only on the basis of x-ray image.

How to speed up the growth of teeth

To help teeth grow strong and healthy you can use food supplements rich in calcium and specific vitamins. The child's diet must be complete and balanced. In addition, special attention should be given to the overall strengthening of immunity.

If you see that the gums, the child has swollen, the baby feels discomfort and the teeth are not in a hurry to erupt, it will help a light massage. Lightly massage the swollen area clean with a spoon or your finger. Be sure to wash hands before the procedure.
Infants to facilitate teething buy special furniture in the form of rings or toys. Gums while massaged and softened, therefore to grow the teeth easier.