Dental problems in children like to be attributed to too much love for chocolate and other sweets. Chocolate remains on the enamel, carbohydrates cause the active growth of bacteria and thus constitute their food, as a result, the tooth is quickly destroyed. Doctors claim that it is not so. Of course, chocolate in nemeryanyh quantities is bad, but he is not the only factor that destroys baby teeth.

Why milk teeth are destroyed

One of the main reasons why your teeth are destroyed, the child, in that he has weak enamel. Because of this she is very vulnerable and easily destroyed under the influence of lactic acid secreted by pathogenic bacteria.

Common problems with children's teeth is called tooth decay, blackening of the teeth and their fracture.
The blackening of the teeth in most cases is caused just tooth decay. It can also be due to poor diet, heredity, poor oral hygiene.

As a result of the blackening of the teeth may occur and their destruction.

What to do to prevent problems with teeth in a child

Naturally, you should try to prevent the consequences of this kind. And if in the case of inheritance this would be not so easy, in all other situation to deal with the problem quite on forces.

First, doctors recommend to refuse night feedings (of course, when the child is already not particularly need them). This is due to the fact that if the baby eats before bedtime and not brush your teeth, the risk of tooth decay grows, because during sleep the saliva, cleansing the tooth surface, is almost non-existent, but the bacteria multiply at the same speed.

Secondly, you need to give up the "fun" parents to lick nipples or spoons of the child. If they fell, you need to wash, otherwise you just give the baby your bacteria.

Third, after each meal be sure to rinse your mouth. The child should be aware of this always. Also it is necessary to abandon snacking.

And, of course, teach baby to correctly brush your teeth.

Additional factors that affect dental disease

Often there are situations when the child sweet eats and cleans the teeth properly and rinse your mouth after eating, and the doctor visits regularly, but his teeth still leave much to be desired. And this phenomenon has an explanation.

Tab teeth the baby is still in the first months of pregnancy. All the remaining time is their mineralization and development of enamel. If the fetus in this period were long-lasting pathological effects, for example, my mother had toxemia or she is constantly nervous, it can directly affect the dental health of the child.
Of course, bad habits that many women can not give up, even during pregnancy, also affect the health of the child, including teeth.

In addition, the formation of teeth is affected by how much and what diseases the child has had in the first year of life. Equally important is his diet, as well as a balance of essential nutrients.

Problems with teeth can cause plaque and banal. It happens in the case that brushing your teeth is wrong.

Reasons can deteriorate the teeth, pretty much. And each of them will not be saved. Therefore, it remains only to follow the rules, which offer doctors and regular checkups. Moreover, if the teeth start to break and crumble at such a young age, then there will be problems in adult life.