The tooth fairy

Tooth fairy – a character typical for the Western culture has successfully penetrated into Russia. According to legend, the tooth should be put in the evening under the pillow. At night, the child comes fairy who will take the tooth and leave instead a small amount of money or other gift. Modern parents, wanting to make his task easier, often tell the children that the tooth should be left in a glass of water on the bedside table. So much easier to commit fraud and not to disturb the child. The story about the tooth fairy lets the kids grin and bear the discomfort associated with the loss of deciduous teeth.

Tooth memory

Many parents keep in a treasured box with a tag from the hospital, a cast of the leg of the baby, a lock of hair cut from the head of their child. If you have such treasures, they may well go and first tooth your child. Maybe in a few years you have already grown up child will be interested to see it. But in a jewelry store you can even buy a special tiny box intended for storage of the first fallen baby tooth.


The tooth fairy is a fairly new character in Russia, however, often give a tooth mouse. To do this, hiding him in a secluded place in the home (under Cabinet, baseboard, in the gap between the floorboards. You can also ask the child on the street to throw the tooth back. You can ask the mouse to give the baby a strong new teeth.


Some believe that the first tooth of a child is a powerful talisman that protects the family brings her happiness and prosperity and does not disintegrate. If you believe in omens, and want to protect your loved ones in this way, just put the tooth in a secluded place and trust in the power of this talisman.


Fans of unusual jewellery can make such from fallen tooth. To do this, it can even give to the Studio, where it will be framed in silver. From a tooth happens very extravagant pendant. But be careful – some people find that these products are related to black magic and can harm.


If you are not prone to sentimentality, and your child never heard of bringing gifts to fairy, tooth you can just throw away. No matter whether you bury it under the rose Bush in the country or sent to the trash. Do as you will be comfortable, and the new molars your baby will grow anyway.